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  Hi, I’m sure many of you know who I am before reading this, but if not I would like to introduce myself. I am Dr. Kuskin from United Joint and Spine Center. I would like to give a great acknowledgement to you on researching and understanding the amazing holistic benefits you as a parent are about to provide for your child. Whether you are just beginning your research or you are a longtime chiropractic patient yourself, we understand that questions may arise on how chiropractic care can help with your child’s growing years. Since our practice opened back in 2011, we have seen many cases from just wellness checks, to injuries and even autism in children. Myself and my staff invite you to educate yourself on how chiropractic care at United Joint and Spine Center can improve your child’s most important time. Their growing years!! Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to get your child on the pathway to wellness!!  Look forward to working with you and your loved ones!!

chiropractic care for children in sarasota fl


You may ask yourself….” Why should I bring my child to a chiropractor? His back doesn’t bother him. Chiropractors have come across many parents whom put their children’s health care as a major priority. Teeth, hearing, eyes and ears, BUT…. they draw a blank when it comes to spinal check ups. IN FACT, spinal check ups could be one of the most important checkups your child will ever have. The spine is his/her lifeline due to the fact that the spinal cord is running through it containing billions of nerve fibers that send messages and energy from the brain to every part of their body. If there becomes a blockage of any of the nerves along the spinal cord, any nerve damage at all, then a state of “dis-ease” will develop. “Dis-ease” ( is a term that chiropractors as well as others have long used to describe a state of disharmony in the body) which will cause a generalized weakening of your child’s body, lowered resistance to disease ( also known as Immune System which is discuss in another section) an consequent body malfunction and sickness.

Childhood is a very “PHYSICAL” time. Many of them are jumping and running. Falls and accidents are also part of being a child, but yet, they can cause spinal misalignments and nerve damage. It is wise for all parents to have their children’s spines checked periodically.


It is very important to get your child’s spine checked on a regular basis for vertebral subluxations. During your visits to the chiropractor, as a parent, you will notice the doctor working on your child. This DOES NOT mean that your child has a vertebral subluxation. All children, especially if they are ill, need healthy spines. If you feel as though your child is experiencing any of the below conditions, it is recommended to consult with Dr. Kuskin at United Joint and Spine Center.

– Fever                                                    -Colic
-Croup                                                    -Hypertension
-Poor posture                                        -Nervousness 
-Constipation                                        -Bed-wetting
-Weakness or fatigue                           -Stomachaches
-Loss of hearing                                    -Ear infections
-Arthritis                                                  -Numbness
-Irritability                                               -Headaches
-Neck aches                                            -Backaches
-Sore throat                                         -Eye problems
-Cough                                                 -Sinus problem
-Skin disorders                                   -Asthma and wheezing
-Bronchitis                                           -Frequent colds
-Poor coordination                              -Poor concentration
-Arm, hand, shoulder pain                  -Painful Joints
-Hip, leg, foot pain                                -Scoliosis


 Infant’s spines are very susceptible to injuries. For example: when a infant is severely shaken, this is called “Whiplash Shake Syndrome”. This can cause eye or brain damage. In result could cause blindness, paralysis or convulsions. Most doctors do not recognize the cause of the post-natal brain damage. However, this condition was recognized by doctors of chiropractic nearly a century ago!!


Due to the fact that your children ( and you ) may have spinal subluxations and not know it, all children need periodic spinal checkups. However, there are a few warning signs that can help a parent indicate that the spinal column may be out of alignment

-Chronic fatigue                                       -Skin conditions
-One hip or shoulder                               -A foot turned in or out
higher than the other                            -Joint aches
-Shoulder blades flared out                   -Can’t stand still             
-Hyperactivity                                           -Neck tilt
-Frequent falls                                          -One leg shorter
-“Noisy bones”                                          -Nervousness

How chiropractic care at United Joint and Spine Center can help children with Autism

At United Joint and Spine Center, we have treated a number of children with autism from a variety of different spectrums. As you know, autism can be very challenging, not only for the child but for parents as well. Children need to learn how to cope with autism and parents need to learn about the diagnosis and how to help their child the best way possible. Below is a very detailed informational section about chiropractic and how it can help with your child’s autism diagnosis.

Millions of parents are seeking answers and assistance when their children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Parents are not often told that chiropractic care offers benefits for autism, even as autism rates continue to increase. Can a holistic chiropractor help autism? In short, yes, it can! It’s true that early intervention can help tremendously, and those early measures should include chiropractic care, but often parents don’t hear about this choice until much later.

Scientists know that autism involves the brain and nervous system. Since chiropractic care involves uniting both, including relief from stress and pain, it only makes sense that chiropractic care can improve quality of life for their patients.  As stated in their report, starting holistic programs as early as 3 years of age have an immense benefit to children. Once you recognize signs and/or symptoms of autism,  it is important to seek alternative holistic care at United Joint and Spine Center.

OK, you might still be asking yourself… ” How does chiropractic care help a child with autism? First, let’s talk for a minute about what chiropractic work is.  Chiropractic care looks at the importance of the central nervous system and the spine that the nervous system runs through. Like a giant freeway system, the nervous system of the body controls every organ, every feeling and every thought process. Chiropractic care aligns the spine and joints so that proper communication can take place.

For Example: Imagine that your brain is a warehouse and that all other parts of your body are stores that need supplies. Your nervous system is the roadway that trucks (electrical impulses) travel on. When one store is empty or is damaged, it sends the information down the road. The warehouse responds with proper action. When the road is damaged, the information cannot be sent, or it cannot be understood and there is no response from the warehouse (the brain) or the signal is ignored because the brain does not understand.

Now that we have a little bit more details let’s dive in and explain how chiropractic care can help your child with autism.

Chiropractic care works by improving the function of communication between the spine and the central nervous system, thereby rectifying the function of every single organ and every single aspect of the entire body. A chiropractor can help children with autism by improving neurological function. The autonomic nervous system of the body is designed to protect people with certain automatic responses. A common response is the “fight or flight” mode. When sensing danger, the body locks out all other stimuli to make the decision to fight or flee. Sometimes, due to a misaligned spine, the mind gets stuck in this mode, frozen, if you will, leaving the person unable to respond.

Most sensory activity is located along the spinal column. Chiropractic care improves the processing of information, like the highway we mentioned earlier, by allowing communication to flow freely.

When Dr. Kuskin adjusts the structure of the body, it often leads to very real, long-lasting results without drugs, without surgery. It’s why chiropractic adjustments are considered part of a natural treatment regimen for autism.

Coordination and balance are also sensory systems that are found in the inner ear and spine. Adjustments improve motor skills by allowing the body and mind to connect through improved pathways of communication.

Scientists note, children with autism suffer from some type of neurological interference, which prevents the pathways from communicating. Chiropractic care at United Joint and Spine Center is not so much about recovery, but more about improving the quality of life for these children. Chiropractic adjustments offer them an added source of release from pent-up frustrations and stress autistic children feel from their inability to communicate with others.

There are a wide variety of other issues for which chiropractic care has been beneficial for children, including stopping recurrent ear infections, headaches, immune system improvement, nursing problems, migraines and asthma. A diagnosis of autism is simply another mind/health issue that chiropractors at United Joint and Spine Center can treat.

At United Joint and Spine Center we want to make sure that you understand that chiropractic care cannot reverse autism. We do, however, treat children who have autism as a part of an overall holistic health program.

This information is just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Kuskin and staff at United Joint and Spine Center are here to help you and your child every step of the way!!

We invite you to call our office today!! Dr. Kuskin will be happy to sit down and discuss what the best treatment plan and protocol will be for your child’s specific needs. As mentioned above, we look forward to working with you and your child to get them on track to their holistic healthcare path!

Dr. Kuskin and staff look forward to seeing you soon!!!


More and more families today are understanding the fact that periodic chiropractic spinal checkups at United Joint and Spine Center for their children ( as well as themselves ) make a major difference in their health. It has been proven that chiropractic care results in positive changes in the physical health, behavioral health and emotional health of a child. Call United Joint & Spine Center to schedule your child’s appointment today!

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