hip, sacroiliac (si) & leg pain

Your Sacroiliac, also knows as your SI joint, is located where your lower spine and pelvis merge together. Sacroiliitis can cause pain in your buttocks, lower back, and at times can extend down one or both legs. If you have a career or otherwise experience prolonged standing or stair climbing, this will aggravate the injured area and can cause the pain to worsen. 

At times, sacroiliitis can be difficult to diagnose. Why? Well, it can be mistaken for other causes of low back pain. It has been linked to a group of diagnoses that cause inflammatory arthritis of the spine.

Let’s take a look at the causes that create Sacroiliac (SI joint) injuries….


Causes for sacroiliac joint dysfunction include:

  • Traumatic injury. A sudden impact, such as a motor vehicle accident or a fall, can damage your sacroiliac joints. Learn more.
  • Arthritis. Wear-and-tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) can occur in sacroiliac joints, as can ankylosing spondylitis — a type of inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine. Learn more.
  • Pregnancy. The sacroiliac joints must loosen and stretch to accommodate childbirth. The added weight and altered gait during pregnancy can cause additional stress on these joints and can lead to abnormal wear. Learn more

Are you experiencing these types of pain? Are you ready to take control and getting ack to the physical lifestyle you remember and want back? Call Dr, DeMaio at United Joint and Spine Center today!

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