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IMAGINE…. one day you are driving home, minding your own business and out of nowhere BAM!!!!  A car hits you!! You feel your whole body get tossed around and the adrenaline starts to kick in. Your mind is going in every direction as to what to do next. Soon after, your neck starts having severe pain, you realize your back is stiff, and the injuries from the accident are now setting in. Its time to call United Joint and Spine Center.

Unfortunately, this is the story we hear many times. Our bodies have a fight or flight that kicks in and our brain does not recognize pain until the adrenaline is reduced in the body. We always think “ Oh, the pain will go way”. This is far from the truth. As the Florida law stands regarding auto insurance, we have 14 days from the date of accident to seek medical care.  After the 14 days, you are no longer entitled to your Personal injury benefits. United Joint and Spine center is here and will provide you the quality care you need during this difficult time. 

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What sets us apart from others?

United Joint and Spine Center has over 10+ years of experience in handling auto accident patients.  Dr. Kuskin will provide a thorough exam and review a treatment plan that best fits your specific needs. At United Joint and Spine Center we understand that no two injuries are alike. No doctor understands that more than Dr. Kuskin and her staff at United joint and Spine Center. You will be provided top notch care and have access to state of the art technology right at your fingertips.  Dr. Kuskin will carefully monitor your progress through your rehabilitation stage and will always update you on your progress. 

Let our team start off by explaining what happens to our bodies when involved in an auto accident.

Auto accidents cause various injuries. In fact, 99% of people in auto accidents have reported injuries caused by the collision.  The most common injury is whiplash. Whiplash happens when the impact of the collision throws the head violently in one direction. The muscles in your neck react to this movement and “whip” it back into the opposite position. That area of the spine will then have injuries ranging from mild to severe.  As mentioned above, the initial symptoms that begin with whiplash is a sore or stiff neck that could create a headache within just a few hours of the accident.  Other symptoms that you may encounter that all stem from a neck injury is pain, numbness, feeling of pins and needles, tingling down your arms, hands and back. Dizziness and ringing in the ears may also occur. In rare occasions, blurred vision and hearing loss have also been reported. These symptoms tend to be temporary. A chiropractic exam is essential. This will provide the extent of the spinal injury so a treatment plan can be determined. Once your body starts responding to treatment, the healing will begin!

  • Back pain is another chief complaint after experiencing an auto accident. When the back is injured, there are many components that can be triggering the pain. 
  • Disc damage – If a disc has been injured during the accident, it can affect any part of the spine. Although, the lumbar spine which is located towards the lower part of the back is particularly susceptible.
  • Lumbar Sprains– Occur when the ligaments of the back are overly stretched or torn.
  • Spinal Stenosis – Occurs when the bone channel which holds the spinal cord and spinal nerves become narrows. Spinal stenosis is usually a gradual diagnosis.  Although, it can occur suddenly after a severe trauma, such as a car accident. When a severe trauma occurs, a ruptured disc or bone fragment can intrude on the spinal canal and create pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord.
  • Disc Herniation – Disc herniation becomes apparent when the inner filling of the discs of the spine pushes through the outer layer. The actual rupture itself, generally, is not painful. But, when the protruding matter meets spinal nerves, it can cause significant pain.

After reading how serious an auto accident can be to your body, it is time to take the next steps and start becoming proactive in your healing path. Are you new to chiropractic? That is OK! Many patients are first introduced to chiropractic because of an auto accident. Patients learn that proper mobility and function of the spine and extremities need to be properly addressed through chiropractic care.

Call United Joint and Spine Center today before your 14 days pass you by! Dr. Kuskin is here for you and is ready to get you back on your way!

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