Low-Level-Laser Therapy

Welcome to the evolving world of health through laser therapy. Many of us have heard about laser therapy (or maybe not), but nobody really takes the time to explain how it works and what impact it has on our bodies. Sadly, in the general medical world (non-holistic) they do not always mention low level laser therapy as an option as they say there is not enough scientific data to support them to use it, even though there is. At United Joint and Spine Center, we are here to better serve our patients, revealing our commitment and dedication towards ensuring the fastest and safest recovery for our patients. We are here to provide the truth about low level laser therapy and how it works.  We are here to explain what laser therapy is and how it can help you achieve what you never thought possible. 

About Low-Level-Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive technology that has gone through numerous clinical investigations, and has been proven without a doubt, to effectively treat a host of medical conditions. Our commitment is to provide the benefits of laser therapy and reinforce that you have made a great decision to utilize low-level-laser therapy. Allow United Joint and Spine Center to treat and provide you the highest level of patient care through laser therapy. 

Let us dive in as to how Low-Level Laser Therapy works. Light therapy has been shown to induce physiological responses in cells by the activation of specific enzymes. This in return, becomes an important instrument to treat a wide range of injuries, surgical scars, burns, shingles and other external visible imperfections.  Laser therapy has been shown to preserve membrane and genetic material of cells that are nutritionally starved. The application of low -level laser therapy can serve as a viable modality of restoring range of motion as well as repairing the injured tissue. It works on many different levels, resolving inflammation, reestablishing the neuromuscular system and even resolving more severe underlying issues such as tendon or ligament damage. Laser therapy is a treatment tool that operates at a cellular level to provide our patients with the results they have been looking for but have failed to see using traditional therapies. 

Are you interested to see if Low level laser therapy is right for you? Call United Joint and Spine Center today!

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