Negative or Positive Energy In Sarasota Florida

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Part 2

Not only do we have a choice on what we say/ write we also have choices on how we handle our daily routines.

  1. You can get trapped in the chaos
  2. Check the news or have it blasting ALL DAY LONG on your TV (Creates panic!!!)
  3. Check your social media and news by pressing REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH!!
  5. By doing so you’re creating more panic


  1. We can peacefully wake up and go to our chiropractic appointment at United Joint and Spine Center
  2. Drink your coffee or tea
  3. Go for a nice brisk walk, now that you are feeling great after your chiropractic appointment
  4. But… whatever it maybe you must take care of your health. That means more than just keeping yourself locked in your home and not doing anything.
  5. I want you to remember you can still go out and do things.  

Remember… Chiropractic at United Joint and Spine Center can boosts your immune system by 200% WITHIN 15 MINUTES of your appointment. I’m sure NO other doctor can say that they can boost your immune system by 200% w/in 15 minutes WITHOUT using any drugs.

Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors about The Spinal Column! Go ahead and spread the positive vibes!!!

Remember: You are only one adjustment away from making it a great day!!

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