New Year + New Health = A New You!!!

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1) Are you ready for a change?

2) Are you ready to create realistic expectations?

3) Are you ready for United Joint and Spine Center to help you create a change with realistic expectations?

IF you answered YES, to the 3 simple questions above, then our highly advanced trained doctors at United Joint and Spine Center are ready for you!!

GET READY … to find your Chiropractor in Sarasota at United Joint and Spine Center

As we all know, when starting a new chapter in life, it is very important to do research on what you are about to embark on. Whether you are

starting a new career, moving to a new state or finding a new doctor. Our team at United Joint and Spine Center welcomes you to research our website and read what the greater Sarasota area, Osprey, Nokomis & Venice residents have reviewed about us! We strive to provide a 5 star experience and earn your trust!!

Whether you are a long-time chiropractic patient, have unexpectedly developed a pain or you are new to chiropractic and are interested in experiencing the wonderful world of holistic healthcare through chiropractic care, we have something for everybody!! Please visit us at or simply call us at (941) 922-4222. We look forward to speaking with you and answering all your questions!

GET SET… and organized for your first appointment at United Joint and Spine Center

Now that you have done your research, let’s get set and put that plan in action!

  1. Call to schedule your appointment at (941) 922-4222
  2. Make sure to bring any documents/ images/ MRI’s that you feel will help our doctors to determine the best care for you.
  3. Remember to bring a list of medications that you are currently taking. This is very important to inform your doctor before treatment.
  4. Feel free to fill out all New Patient paperwork before your appointment. This is located on our website. Click on “Schedule an appointment”. 

**No access to a computer OR a printer, NO WORRIES, we will have all new patient paperwork ready for you to complete upon your arrival. **

  •  Please bring a photo ID for your chart
  • It is now time to GO!! Let’s start your new pathway to health!!

GO!!! Our Holistic Healthcare Team at United Joint and Spine Center is ready to meet you!

Welcome to United Joint and Spine Center!!

Our Mission

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for a full spectrum patient experience by providing the best quality care to every patient we treat. This defines our passion to help people live a better quality of life

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