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Hello everybody! Most of you already know us, but in case you share this post with your family, friends or others, we are the team at United Joint and Spine Center located in Sarasota Fl!!!

 What we STILL hear out there in the world today, is nothing positive!! We need more positive energy especially during this time!!  Don’t you agree?

So… let’s talk!!

We have a question for you. How responsible do you feel you are handling todays challenges? We are not just talking about if you’re staying inside or keeping 6ft from one another. I am talking about… How are you discussing this with others?

One thing that we want to remind you of is that you are responsible for your own way of handling times like this.

When you speak with others whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or neighbors and you hear them freaking out and rambling on what they heard on the news or read in the paper, I want you to take a few steps back (no point in intended) and take a few deep breaths.

Make sure to keep yourself in perspective because YOU can choose your emotions & attitude while dealing with uncertainties & chaos.

When there is a time when you feel as though things are spiraling down STOP what you are doing re group, come back and take charge of the situation.

You can bring these situations back up. BUT…you must take charge of that situation.

And let me remind you…. That may not be what you WANT to do, but what you MUST do.

This brings you to have 2 options

  1. You can join the panic


  • You can stay stable, strong & connect to what is really happening.

It’s your choice…..

Remember…you are only one adjustment away from making it a great day!!

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